About Us


Why Choose Alwafai?


Our Commitment to you

   “To satisfy customers and exceeds their expectations”, this is our commitment. We focus on providing quality of service,professionalism, expert advice and superior customers relationship. We Constantly strive to bring new ideas and the most innovative technologies to the market in a timely fashion, in order to provide our customers with a greater business advantage. Alwafai believe that its commitment to the customer is the main priority, our real strength lies in our professional workforce. It is our knowledge, experience, and commitment to customer service that makes us stand out from the crowd.

What makes us unique?

    We share a set of five core values: integrity, Understanding, unity, and responsibility. In this sense, we have established a reputable name among the major industries and sectors of the market, and we have earned the trust of thousand of customers while adhering to international standards of business ethics and social responsibility. Moreover, we have successfully responded to different Business Manufacturing, telecom, airline industry, to name but a few.

How do we do this?

    We bring our extensive technical and commercial experience into practice when discussing customer request in order to advice on the most suitable option according to the Business need. On the other hand, we have forged strong partnership with best kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Data Providers based on reliability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and up-preceded quality. Alwafai provides all possible solutions through continuous consultations and investment in human resources, with our engineers constantly attending training at Data Providers premises.

Alwafai has achieve the following criteria:

map   Unique.
map   Cost-effective.
map   Easy deployment. 
map   Last long with long term warranty.
map   Easily supported and maintained. 
map   High quality and Scalable Projects.