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What is an IP Virtual Private Network?

IP VPN is an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN). It creates a private network between multiple sites to enable them to communicate using day to day business applications such as email, file transfer, database queries, voice calls or video.


Business benefits of IP VPN


Reduce your total cost of ownership

All the complexities of designing, maintaining and managing the network are Wafai Net responsibility. Combine this with the scale of our network: and your total cost of ownership is reduced.

Improve scalability

Ideal for business with a just handful of sites to those with many thousands, IP VPN offers a wide range of access speeds and technologies enabling you to economically connect sites of all sizes, from the smallest site to the largest office or data centre.

Simplified communications

Your applications work efficiently over a single network.  Gone are the days of different networks for different applications. Any site connected to our service can connect to any other site on your network. Sites can easily be added or moved.

Peace of mind and security

Comprehensive Service Level Agreements and guarantees give you the confidence the network won't let you down.

Our IP VPN services are built on a private platform which does not use the Internet as the core network. This provides guaranteed performance, extra security and peace of mind.

Hassle free management option

If you prefer not to manage the network yourself, our knowledgeable staff can set up the network, make any changes required and keep it running. This can give you peace of mind and reduce your staff and travel costs.


What you get with a Virtual Private Network



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